The New Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure is a bagless vacuum cleaner that uses water as the main way to filter fine dust and dirt from the dirty air picked up by the powerful 1700 watt cleaner. Thomas are refining the method of using water as the natural way to trap fine dust particles, dust mites and other allergens which are absorbed into the water. Just flush the residue down the loo or even put it on the compost, no bags to buy and no dust in your face when you empty the Aqua Pure filter box. If someone in the family suffers from dust related allergies, then the use of water is the purest way to filter allergens out of the dirty air. After vacuuming the air is also humidified leaving the room smelling clean and fresh. The product is made in Germany.


  • Traps Dust With AQUA+ Filter, Significantly Reduces Sneezing Or Allergic Reactions
  • 1700 Watt And Aqua + Filter for Powerful Dust and Pet Hair Pick Up And Retention
  • Neutralises Pet Smells Leaving The Room Smelling Fresh
  • No Bags To Buy
  • No Dusty Bin Emptying
  • Made In Germany