The Next Step In Modern Cleaning

The Aqua-Box is a water filtration system created by Thomas that promises a revolution in floor care. Since the invention of the vacuum cleaner, escaping dust flying in the exhaust air has always been a problem that can cause allergic reactions in those unfortunate enough to suffer from conditions such as asthma and dust allergies. If you regularly entertain family and friends in your home it is essential to create a safe environment.  

The Aqua-Box works by replacing conventional bags and dust cylinders with a water box, the purpose of the water is to dampen and weigh down the harmful molecules in dust in order to prevent it being expelled into the air through exhaust fumes. By filling the Aqua-Box with just 1 litre of ordinary water you can clean your home as normal, with the additional knowledge that harmful dust has not been thrown into the air to cause problems. 

To empty the Aqua-Box simply pour the resulting water down the toilet and re-fill with tap water and you are ready to go again. 

How Does It Work?

When taking in dust and dirt normal cleaners merely deposit into a bag or bin. The Aqua-Box creates a wall of water across the exit of the nozzle this instantly dampens the dirt and makes it heavy enough to sink from the air and into the water at the bottom of the Aqua-Box. 

Because the main component of this process is ordinary water the Aqua-Box is easy to maintain, emptying and filling are both simple and allow you to resume cleaning again instantly. 


Anti-Allergy Plus


Perfect for allergy sufferers, traps house dust, allergens, dust mites and bacteria. Cleans, humidifies and leaves the room smelling fresh


Pet & Family 

 Removes pet hairs from every  surface. Vacuums, washes carpets,  upholstery and hard floors. Neutralises pet smells leaving the room smelling fresh.