Thomas Anti Allergy is a cylinder vacuum cleaner made in Germany. If you really want to make sure there is the minimum amount of allergic material exhausting back into the room this is the product for you. The product has Aqua+ a revolutionary water filter system, which cleans and humidifies, leaving the room smelling fresh. House dust, allergens, dust mites and bacteria, are efficiently absorbed in the water. The multi stage water filter system ensures perfect dust filtration. Ease of use and hygiene are assured, as the user just flushes the water away. There are no bags to buy and dust is prevented from escaping when emptying. Made in Germany.



  • Traps House Dust, Allergens, Dust Mites And Bacteria
  • AQUA+ Filter, Significantly Reduces Sneezing Or Allergic Reactions
  • 1700 Watt And Aqua + Filter for Powerful Dust Allergen Pick Up And Retention
  • Eco Max Variable Power Control
  • Long Range With A 8 Metre Cable And 13 Metre Reach
  • No Bags To Buy
  • No Dusty Bin Emptying
  • Cleans, Humidifies And Leaves The Room Smelling Fresh
  • Made In Germany